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Disruptechs Agora

Every year, the Metis Lab EM Normandie Business School, the Fabrique du Futur and the Réseau de Recherche sur l'Innovation (RRI) organise the DTA (DisrupTechs Agora) to discuss the challenges of disruptive technologies.

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This conference is dedicated to "cross-fertilisation" between the worlds of research and business. The aim is to encourage dialogue between these different players by comparing their points of view and sharing their experiences in order to think about the future. Each year, the event is structured in two parts: one part aimed more specifically at practitioners and one part in the form of a research seminar associated with a special issue of one of our partner journals.

DTA 24 'Disruptive Technologies & Healthcare

The general theme of this year's conference is disruptive technologies and healthcare.
The conference takes place on Monday 2 December 2024 at EM Normandie Business School's Paris-Clichy campuses.

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A look back at previous conferences

DTA 23

The general theme was disruptive technologies and resilience
The aim of the conference was to discuss the role that disruptive technologies can play in coping with unexpected events and sudden changes such as those we have experienced in recent times (health crises, geopolitical tensions, climatic imbalances, terrorist attacks, etc.).

DTA 22

The general theme was disruptive technologies and sustainability.
The aim of the conference was to discuss the ambiguous relationship between sustainable development and disruptive technologies. Indeed, disruptive technologies can be just as much a threat to the environment or to the equilibrium of our societies as they can be an opportunity to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 
Several sectors were discussed: agriculture, space, education, finance, construction....

DTA 21

The general theme was disruptive technologies and ethics.
Discussions focused on the acceptability and ethics of disruptive technologies, finance/banking, telemedicine, smart mobility, transport and logistics, education and training programme.

Patricia BAUDIER

Patricia BAUDIER

Professor in Marketing

Mathilde AUBRY

Mathilde AUBRY

Holder of the Chair "Digitalisation and Innovation in Organisations and Regions"