Should you choose a work-study Bachelor's degree or initial training?

Two years of common core

If you are considering short studies to quickly start your career the Bachelor's degree is certainly for you!

The first two years are dedicated to the acquisition of the fundamentals of management while offering you multiple professional experiences: community life - Business Challenge - internships - support for the Career Pathway... and expatriation opportunities to increase your open-mindedness and develop your leadership.

A tailor-made third-year

The final year is dedicated to the acquisition of additional skills in line with your professional project to make the difference in front of recruiters. 

In the traditional course you choose a specialisation option that will allow you to focus on a specific field.

Work-linked training for rapid professional integration

By choosing a multi-specialised work-study course in the final year: you benefit from complete immersion in a company for 3 weeks per month.

The sandwich course is the best way to enter the professional world:

  • Add value to a year's professional experience on your CV.
  • Take advantage of rapid professional integration.