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Lvye Zhan
Lvye Zhan

Chinese student at EM Normandie - Caen

I’m Lvye, but you can call me Alice. I am from China and now I live in Caen. Currently, I am about to finish my Master’s degree in Caen and soon I will need to go to Paris for my internship. 

Why would you recommend EM Normandie Business School?

I would recommend EM Normandie firstly for its course design. It is filled with many real business game challenges and the professors have a very spectacular business background.

They actually run companies, they make important decisions in the Top 500 strongest companies and you learn from them. You get an insight into their companies, their projects and even their decision-making process. It’s a really good experience. 

Why communication skills are so important?

If you leave a good impression with your conversational skills, this will create a good vibe and everything will be much easier after that because business is about people and when you communicate well, people will make things easier.

What are your career perspectives here?

Now that I have polished my skills, I would say I will humbly go back to my sphere, which is BDs and sales, and do what I am already good at, and make it even better.

As for vocation, since I have an international concept of the company or work, actually I don’t really make sure or don’t set myself in a frame that says I need to be in China or I need to be in France, because I know that what I’m going to serve is going to be international, so I don’t want to frame myself.

Currently, I am doing a 6-month internship in Paris and we’ll see what happens after that.

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