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Salime Nassur
Salime Nassur

Marketing Director at Google

EM Normandie, the school of life

I started at EM Normandie after my A levels. The opportunity - which was quite rare at that time - to do work experience in business and the option to do a double degree or to spend a year abroad strongly influenced my choice. Not only did the business school open up potential routes into international careers, its course content was also in sync with what business wanted. I spent some very happy years there. Something also happened to me then that profoundly changed my life and my view of the world. There was an accident in which a friend died and I was injured, and it showed me that life is fragile and far too short. You are the only one who can make the most of your own life. Those events shaped me, taught me to stay positive and gave me perspective. Since then, I’ve devoted my time to having a positive impact on those around me, both in my personal and my professional life. I only sleep a few hours a night and I’m always doing something, tackling a new problem or shaking things up, wherever I’m working.

Combining entrepreneurship with experience in major businesses

In my third year, I discovered the Internet. At the time, it was just taking off and I was fascinated by the quasi-unlimited access to information that this new technology offered. I cheekily approached one of the first French Internet companies and offered them my marketing and communication expertise. In return, I wanted them to teach me everything there was to know about the Internet. Since then, my career has been entwined with the evolution of the web. 
Having got a lot out of that experience and finished my degree, I worked for five years at Wanadoo/Orange, and at the same time I collaborated with two other alumni to create Normanet, a company specialising in the design of websites and e-commerce. I could tell how good the training I’d received at EM Normandie had been in giving me a solid grounding in managing a business. 
After five years at Wanadoo/Orange, I threw myself into a new adventure in 2002. A friend and I created a chain of top-quality French patisseries in Greece. We made a success of it, and when I returned to France I got a job at Alcatel-Lucent, where I really developed my managerial approach by adapting support to very different kinds of employees. Motivating my teams, supporting them on projects that don’t always succeed and enabling each person to operate at their best is always gratifying for me. Since 2012, I’ve been working at Google France, where I was part of the launch of Cloud products and services specifically aimed at businesses. For me work is a passion, a real adventure that lets me grow a little more each day.

Alumni : talent pool

A lack of time and other priorities meant that I hadn’t been able to get involved with the Alumni association, but I have a bit more availability now and I’m hoping to be able to share my experience with students who are interested in the world of new technologies. This sector is always changing and right now it’s recruiting all kinds of differently talented people !


Salime's advice :

" Life is short, so be the best possible version of yourself! Rise to the challenge of your professional and personal ambitions. Don’t settle for just being good, aim for excellence and your life will be awesome ! "

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