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16 February 2022

EM Normandie introduces a 2-year Master of Science course (certified 5-year post-Baccalaureate degree) and three new MSc programmes accredited by the Conference des Grandes Ecoles

Initial Education

From September 2022, EM Normandie will be offering a 2-year Master of Science course in international management, equivalent to 5 years’ post-Baccalaureate study, certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI), and three 1-year MSc programmes: "Sustainable Business Strategy", "Digital Strategy and Innovation" and "Digital Marketing and Sales" which have just been accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE). These prestigious courses, taught in English, are open to French students with a general background wishing to specialise, those seeking to retrain and international students keen to acquire new skills in France. EM Normandie offers a wide range of innovative programmes to prepare future professionals for the challenges of tomorrow.

A 2-year MSc with a focus on international management (first year on the Le Havre campus, second year on the campus where the MSc specialism is taught)

The 2-year MSc English-taught course, is aimed at students with a qualification equivalent to 3 years’ post-Baccalaureate study in business or any other field, and will enable them to develop their professional skills in a new area. It paves the way to a career in international management.
The first year or "Pre-MSc" year, taught on Le Havre campus, consolidates and refines students’ knowledge of management. During the second year, they will choose a specialism from an EM Normandie MSc course accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The 5-year post-Baccalaureate degree certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation guarantees that this new qualification is recognised in France and abroad.

The cutting-edge specialisms offered in the second year fall into five different disciplines which seek to address the emergence of new activities with high potential in an increasingly demanding market.

  • Logistics: International Logistics and Port Management; Supply Chain Management
  • Business & Marketing: International Marketing and Business Development; International Events Management; Marketing and Digital in Luxury and Lifestyle, Digital Marketing and Sales, Sustainable Business Strategy, Digital Strategy and Innovation
  • Finance: Financial Data Management, Finance Banking & Fintech

To allow students to increase their chances of securing a job in international management in France and abroad, this MSc is aimed predominantly at international students, uses international course material and multicultural references (case studies, business projects with a global dimension, business simulations), and focuses sharply on professional experience. There are also two mandatory internships- one at the end of the Pre-MSc year (4 months), the other at the end of the 2nd year (6 months) that either comprises an international aspect or is carried out abroad.

The following teaching and learning methods will be used:

  • the "Shape your career" personal development programme to prepare students for entering the job market and support them in shaping their career plans.
  • an end-of-programme dissertation (academic research) related to student specialisms,
  • "a Business Challenge" where students will take part in a consultancy exercise with real companies,
  • various features specific to each specialism, such as certifications like Google Analytics or Adwords.

Three new business-oriented MSc programmes

MSc Sustainable Business Strategy (Paris and Dublin campuses)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a major concern for businesses. CSR-related roles are developing rapidly, due to changes in the law, social standards and the expectations of investors and customers.
EM Normandie is launching the MSc Sustainable Business Strategy to provide training and develop the strategic, managerial and behavioural skills required to oversee this strategic transformation and to accomplish environmental (CSR) and digital transitions. The course will be taught in English by the school's lecturers and international experts from prestigious institutions such as the OECD, École Polytechnique and University of Birmingham. Each intake will be limited to 25 high-potential students.
The first semester will take place on the new Paris-Clichy campus which EM Normandie will be running in 2022.
Classes will focus on 3 topics: environmental change, operations management and leadership. Students will also spend between one and three months in industry.
The second semester, on the Dublin campus, will cover digital transition, change management and developing advanced managerial skills.
Students will also undertake a consultancy project (from 1 to 3 months), prepare an end-of-programme dissertation and carry out a 6-month internship in France or abroad, to gain professional experience.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to apply for consultancy roles in sustainable and responsible change for business, or take on in-house roles as analysts or project or change managers.
They can join:

  • Any company that seeks to prioritise CSR.
  • Strategy, organisation or management consultancy firms
  • Auditors or financial analyst consulting firms that audit companies on their sustainable development and CSR practices
  • CSR rating agencies
  • NGOs or (national or international) institutions that promote or monitor sustainable development and CSR.

MSc Digital Strategy and Innovation (Paris campus)

The new digital economy, which sees digital technology playing an increasing role in the production of goods and services, is redefining the boundaries and practices of many industries: new uses, new services, and new ways to create value. The Internet, digital data, 3D printing, the Internet of Things and AI may represent tremendous opportunities for innovation, but the changes that these digital technologies entail pose major challenges for companies.

To train future professionals in how to support businesses and their clients with their digital strategy and transformation, EM Normandie is launching its MSc Digital Strategy and Innovation on the Paris campus.
Designed to equip students with a double skill set, this programme trains them to lead consultancy assignments and manage projects related to transformation issues brought about by digital technology. This includes incorporating innovative practices into a business model or a product/service offering, redefining or optimising a digitalised business process and enriching the customer experience at the point of sale or in a physical and virtual space.
Students will also be able to implement a digital marketing strategy within a company or as an agency.
The course is rounded off by four 5-week assignments in companies focusing on the specialist areas of the programme, a 6-month internship in France or abroad and a dissertation, to allow students to gain professional experience.

Career opportunities

According to the latest report from the European Commission, 58% of French companies that wish to hire digital experts report difficulties in filling these positions. In some twenty other European countries, more than 50% of employers agree that it is difficult to find digital experts. A trend that clearly highlights the shortage in the job market. Each year, there are thousands of posts to be filled, with a strong demand for young digital strategy and digital marketing professionals. MSc Digital Strategy and Innovation graduates will be able to work in many types of companies (startups, multinationals, consulting firms specialising in strategy, organisation or management) in all different industries. Key roles include digital transformation consulting managers, social media project managers and e-commerce project managers.

MSc Digital Marketing and Sales (Dublin campus)

This demanding course has been designed to train future professionals with cutting-edge skills in the digital sector, highly capable of making their mark in today’s competitive marketing and sales sector. Furthermore, the training is based on a philosophy of learning in real-life situations, with course content and assessments based on practical work. Particular emphasis is placed on career building and management. The course has close links with businesses within the sector, which will give students a head start in creating their professional network and finding a job.
This MSc is taught on the Dublin campus in Ireland, known for being a digital hotspot in Europe and the only Englishspeaking country in the EU. Dublin is home to the global and European headquarters of many multinational organisations such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, LinkedIn, Intel, etc. And these companies are constantly looking for new graduates to fill marketing and sales positions, where a thorough understanding of the digital world is a prerequisite.

Career opportunities

The MSc Digital Marketing and Sales meets this growing demand by passing on key knowledge and developing the skills needed to secure and grow in positions such as Digital Marketing Analyst, Digital Sales Specialist, Social Media Manager, Lead Generation Specialist, SEO Specialist, Key Account Manager, and Product Marketing/Sales Manager.

Admission criteria and tuition fees

The two-year MSc is open to French and international candidates who hold or are in the process of studying for one of the following degrees:
First-year: 3 years of post-Baccalaureate study or 180 ECTS (Bac + 3, Bachelor, undergraduate degree, or equivalent).
Level of English: no prerequisite for graduates from English-speaking universities. Other candidates: TOEIC 790, IELTS 6, TOEFL 83.
Selection based on application and interview for eligible candidates (in English).
Application fees: €50
Number of places available: 25 (per year)
Tuition fees: Year 1: €10 000 - Year 2: €14 000

The one-year MSc programmes are open to French and international candidates who hold or are in the process
of studying for a qualification earned after 4 years’ post-Baccalaureate study or equivalent.
Level of English: IELTS 6, TOEIC 790 or TOEFL 83.
Selection based on application and interview conducted in English for eligible candidates.
Application fees: €50
Number of places available: 30 per MSc programme
Tuition fees: 14 000 euros

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