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arnaud pepalla
Arnaud Pepalla

International Student at EM Normandie Business School - Supply Chain, Logistics and Innovation

I am Arnaud Pepalla, originally from the Ivory Coast where I studied at the Regional Academy of Maritime Sciences and Techniques.

I decided to come to EM Normandie to follow the MS Supply Chain, Logistics and Innovation on the Le Havre campus.

Why did you choose EM Normandie?

I chose EM Normandie because it is a school with a good reputation in my field of activity. I also received very positive feedback from graduates of the school.

One of my managers in the organisation where I worked also studied at EM Normandie.

I don't have any skills as such in Supply Chain, only notions that I acquired on the job. This is why I decided to come to EM Normandie to improve my skills.

What are your future prospects?

My ambition is to learn. France is one of the most advanced countries in terms of Supply Chain.
I will obviously try to do internships and work there.

Then I will return to my country and work for different companies. In the medium term, I would like to become a Supply Chain consultant, i.e. create my own company.

What are your favourite places in Le Havre?

I would say that it is a fairly quiet city. I like the beach, the Docks but also the Océane stadium. 
I think Le Havre is a good city for studying.

Would you have any advice to give?

You don't have to think twice. EM Normandie meets the requirements of students and future students.
It is a school where you can really have a professional perspective.

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