Les métiers de la communication

Communication professions

The field of communications is constantly evolving, taking advantage of advances in technology and changes in consumer behaviour. Companies are increasingly looking to strengthen their online presence and engage effectively with their audience.

EM Normandie Business School is aware of these trends and offers training programmes tailored to the needs of today's businesses, with an emphasis on digital skills, content strategy and social media management. 
Career opportunities in the communication sector have diversified and are expanding rapidly, offering opportunities in different fields such as digital communication, public relations and project management.

A variety of job profiles

Discover a selection of careers in communications:

Communication manager

The communications manager is at the heart of the creation and dissemination of the company's image and values. He or she designs and implements the communications strategy to ensure a coherent and attractive presentation of the company to its various audiences. Through a wide range of channels, including digital media, traditional press and internal communications, he or she ensures that key messages are communicated effectively. This role requires constant attention to how the company is perceived externally and internally, adjusting strategies to meet challenges and opportunities in a dynamic communications environment. As well as managing day-to-day communications, it plays a crucial role in crisis management, ensuring that the company maintains its reputation in the face of unforeseen situations.

Main tasks:

  • Designing and managing the communications plan, ensuring harmony between the company's different voices.
  • Overseeing the creation of content adapted to the various communication and media supports.
  • Leading communication initiatives, including communication campaigns and the organisation of events.
  • Managing customer relations, public relations and monitoring e-reputation.
  • Analysing the results of the strategies deployed, using information technology to measure impact.

Discover the career path of Audrey Lahaye, Work-study track Communications Officer at Air Liquide

Digital marketing manager

The digital marketing manager directs the organisation's online strategy with precision. Armed with in-depth expertise in digital marketing and e-commerce, they deploy an arsenal of digital tools to elevate the brand to the digital forefront. He aims to effectively engage the target audience through creative and thoughtful digital campaigns, striving to increase the brand's online presence.

Main tasks: 

  • Designing and executing digital marketing strategies, including SEO/SEM, content marketing, and social media, to optimise the company's online presence.
  • Manage the digital communications budget, allocating resources effectively to maximise return on investment.
  • Analyse data from digital campaigns to understand consumer behaviour and adjust strategies based on insights gathered.
  • Working closely with communications, advertising and sales teams to ensure an integrated and consistent approach across all marketing activities.
  • Monitor trends in digital marketing and sales communication, integrating new technologies and platforms to stay at the forefront.

Each of these professions requires a unique combination of communication, technology and management skills. EM Normandie Business School prepares its students to excel in these roles, thanks to an innovative teaching approach that combines theory and practice, in-company projects and internships.

Communication director

The Communications Director is responsible for preserving and promoting the company's image through strategic and integrated communications. He or she orchestrates communication initiatives at all levels, ensuring that a unified and powerful message is communicated both internally and externally. By developing the overall communications strategy, it ensures that the company's message is conveyed effectively, helping to build a solid and consistent reputation.

Main tasks:

  • Orchestrate the corporate communications strategy, integrating marketing and communications to build a solid brand image.
  • Lead the communications department, coordinating the team's efforts to ensure consistent messages.
  • Managing crisis communications, preparing and implementing media plans where necessary.
  • Maintaining relations with the media, communications agencies and the company's various audiences.
  • Monitoring developments in the business sector and adjusting the communications policy in line with trends and challenges.

Digital project manager

Digital project managers are distinguished by their ability to bring complex digital projects to a successful conclusion. At the intersection of digital marketing and online communications, they transform digital strategies into tangible realities that captivate audiences. His or her job is to oversee the development and execution of digital projects, ensuring that each initiative strengthens the company's online presence while delivering an enriching user experience.

Main tasks:

  • Develop digital communication projects, integrating modern communication tools and web marketing strategies.
  • Coordinating creative and technical teams to produce websites, applications and online campaigns.
  • Liaising with advertisers, partners and service providers to enhance digital projects.
  • Monitoring digital trends, including social media, to adapt and innovate project approaches.
  • Assessing the performance of digital projects using key indicators and adjusting strategies accordingly.

Discover the career path of Clara Gorlier, Digital and E-Marketing Project Manager at Sisley

Community manager

The community manager plays an essential role in the company's dynamism on social platforms. As experts in social network management, they establish and maintain relationships with the community, engaging in dialogue and creating a sense of belonging around the brand. Through their actions, they seek not only to increase user engagement but also to improve brand perception, making every interaction an opportunity to strengthen the company's image and reputation in the digital space.

Main tasks:

  • Animating online communities on different social platforms, creating engaging content and moderating discussions.
  • Developing and implementing social media strategies to increase brand visibility and user engagement.
  • Monitoring and analysing the performance of actions on social networks, adjusting tactics to optimise results.
  • Working with the marketing and communications teams to ensure consistent and strategic communication.
  • Managing sponsorship campaigns and relationships with influencers to extend the reach of communication.