BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

After a Baccalaureate diploma or equivalent

Open up the field of possibilities

After your High School Degree, join this comprehensive management course which is strongly oriented towards the internationalprofessional and academic worlds. Benefit from an international and multicultural environment on the ParisOxford and Dubai campuses, cosmopolitan cities open to the world, and prepare yourself for an international career. 

During the first two years, you will learn the fundamentals of management on the Paris campus. In the third year, on the Oxford campus, you get a pre-specialisation in a particular sector of activity to open up a wide range of professions: digital, logistics, sustainable development, .... In the final year, in Dubai and via a new learning experience in the last semester, perfect your international management skills through projects, challenges and business games.

4-year diploma
Paris Dubai Oxford
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The Bachelor in Business Administration strengths

    1. Develop your international mindset with 100% English language courses, intensive foreign language seminars, multicultural group work and up to 2 years of expatriation
    2. Test your knowledge in the real business world: three "Entrepreneur" seminars, an online Business Game and up to 9 months of compulsory internships in France or abroad.   
    3. Get acquainted with research through a high-level academic programme, a discovery seminar each year and a final thesis. 
    4. Enjoy an increasingly immersive, interactive, gamified and personalised learning experience. 
    5. At the end of the programme, access one of the specialisation programmes: MS® and MSc®.


    • BBA 1

      Paris campus

      Fundamentals of Management Sciences: after intensive language seminars at the beginning of each semester, discover the disciplines of finance, marketing, management, accounting, etc. End your year with an introductory research seminar in an immersive teaching environment and an end-of-year internship.

      Semester 1

      • Intensive language seminar 
      • Introduction to Micro and Macro Economics  
      • Accounting  
      • Consumer Behaviour  
      • Statistics 
      • Principles of Management  
      • Office applications  
      • Career Path  

      Semester 2

      • Intensive language seminar 
      • Business Data and Analytic 
      • Business Law 
      • Introduction to finance 
      • Organisational Behaviour 
      • CSR and Business Ethics 
      • Research seminar: reading research papers 
      • Associative Project in relation to CSR
      • Career Path 
      • Internship (1 to 3 months) 
    • BBA 2

      Paris campus

      Deepen your knowledge of the fundamentals and discover the professional world through the "Entrepreneurship" seminar. Develop your research skills by participating in a second research seminar.

      Semester 1

      • Human Resource Management  
      • Principles of Business Strategy 
      • Project Management 
      • Financial Analysis  
      • Market Research 
      • Living Language of choice amongst 10 languages 
      • Entrepreneurship seminar: Business Challenge 

      Semester 2

      • Entrepreneurship 
      • Information Systems  
      • Business Negotiation  
      • Logistics 
      • Management Control  
      • Living Language of choice amongst 10 languages 
      • Research seminar: reviewing research papers
    • BBA 3

      Oxford campus

      Choose your pre-specialisation and open the doors to numerous professions: digital, logistics, sustainable development, finance, etc. Confront the realities of the field by taking part in a second "Entrepreneurship" seminar and strengthen your research skills with the third research seminar: "Critical Thinking".

      Semester 1

      • Strategic Marketing 
      • Strategic Management 
      • New Products Development 
      • Multimodal Transportation 
      • Total Quality Management 
      • Living Language of choice amongst 10 languages 
      • Entrepreneurship seminar: field visit and business reporting 

      Semester 2

      • Digital Marketing 
      • Merchandising and Category Management 
      • Banking and International Payments 
      • Logistics 4.0 
      • Economic Policies and Sustainable Development 
      • Living Language of choice amongst 10 languages 
      • Research seminar: application research: gathering, analysing and reporting research data
      • Career Path
    • BBA 4

      Dubai campus and distance learning

      Semester 1 : improve your international management skills on the Dubai campus and participate in a third internationally-focused "Entrepreneurship" seminar.

      Semester 2 : enjoy a new learning experience in the last semester: online seminars and coaching with international partners, giving you a strong sense of ownership of your skills development.

      Semester 1

      • International Business Strategy 
      • International Economics 
      • Geopolitics 
      • Multicultural Management 
      • International Marketing Management 
      • Living Language of choice amongst 10 languages 
      • Entrepreneurship seminar: International Business Challenge in competition with teams of students from international universities.

      Semester 2

      • Global Business Seminar: X-culture project with students from other institutions 
      • Research seminar with writing of a scientific note: How to write a scientific essai?  
      • Business Game on the cloud 
      • BBA Research Note 
      • Career Path 
      • Internship (3 to 6 months)


    I hold a foreign diploma: access by application file 

    The programme is open to students under 22 years old holding or are in the process of validating a non-French Baccalaureate diploma, or equivalent.

    No English language test score is required for students holding a degree from an English-speaking university, college or school. For other applicants, language requirements are: TOEIC 750, IELTS 5, TOEFL 72.

    Due to the covid-19 situation and the closure of some Exams Centres, we do offer the possibility for the candidate to take a Language Test online, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information :

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    Admission Procedure

    1. Application files submitted are reviewed with special attention paid to the seriousness of the file and the quality of the academic and/or professional profile.
    2. Shortlisted candidates are invited for an interview via Skype. This interview helps clarify the applicants profile, their projects, their objectives. The final admission decision (offered or denied admission) is communicated a few days after this interview.
    3. Admitted candidates are notified formally and invited to make a down payment, later on deducted from the  tuition fees. This initial payment confirms the candidate's seat in the programme and an unconditional letter of admission is then issued.

    In order for our students to benefit from optimal learning conditions, places in our programmes are limited. The number of remaining places is reviewed after each admission session. Whenever a cohort is full, admissions for the programme are closed.
    The application deadline for the next admission session is every 15th of the month.

    In addition to the EM Normandy application form, international candidates must approach their local Campus France office to facilitate the process of obtaining their visa. Once the down payment has been received, the School will help International students with their visa procedures and search for accommodation.

    I hold a French diploma 

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  • Well-being and Inclusion

    Inclusion of students with disabilities

    For several years now, EM Normandie has been committed to the inclusion of students with disabilities and has been striving to make it as easy as possible for them to learn, to continue their studies, to live socially within the school and to find employment. Specific training for its teachers and support services, school facilities, digital accessibility, etc. EM Normandie promotes values of equal opportunities and respect for differences, through the sharing of an inclusive culture and the continuous development of its practices. Are you disabled or have a chronic disabling illness? We can provide you with comprehensive support, whether it be in the context of your classes/exams, your search for internships, work-study programmes or jobs, or even in preparing for your expatriation.

Career opportunities

Tuition fees and funding

    Application fees for 2024-2025

    For non-French diploma holders: €50

    Tuition Fees for 2024-2025

    €10,000 / year.
    Tuition fees include the membership fee for EM Normandie Alumni Association, which gives you access to all services and a life membership.

    Compulsory Contribution: CVEC (Contribution Vie Etudiante et de Campus): €100 to be paid on the CVEC platform. Learn more

    Fees for students enrolling for the first time in 2024.

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    Various options are offered to students to fund their studies:

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    This online tool facilitates the procedures of international students by offering the following services:

    • Online tracking of transfers
    • Payment in the national currency, which reduces costs
    • Choice of many payment methods
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